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Thank you... Ich danke Dir, dass ich durch Deine Augen die Schönheit meiner Heimat wieder neu entdecken darf! Ich wusste immer schon, dass dies hier ein besonders schöner Flecken Erde ist, bin aber durch die Gewohnheit blind für das Detail geworden! (Stichwort: Alpenglühen!) Dein Blick des Entdeckers hat auch in mir neue, - alte (?), Perspektiven wachgerufen! Danke

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Did mankind has lost its connection to the nature? Or did he never had it? These are questions, which I'm daily confrnted with. But, unfortunately I'm not able to to find reasonable answers for them. Maybe, its because its not even my job to search for. Nevertheless, it happens everyday that as soon as I get conscoius about men's lust for destruction and disrespect to mother nature, I feel that great sadness inside me.
Today, every single child on this planet should know, that we can't drink oil, neither bake bred with gold and paper bills. Hence, its clean water and healthy ground we need for a bountiful harvest. Because of all these thousands of impacts we are exposed every single day, the importance of a healthy environment is getting lost more and more. Well, the scary part about that is, that the possibilities for renewable energy and resources (hemp, instead of petrol) has being already given, but because of the immense high initial outlays, governed through Lobbyists are not affordable for regular worker. Although, in a sense of human nature, even Lobbyists shall need air to breath and grain to eat. Meanwhile, greed and avidity created a world, which will die, if energy is off for only a few days, and it will erase the entire mankind. It seems, that the most part of the population unemotional just ignore the danger of this self destructive bomb, we are sitting on. For myself; such ignorance and mindset are absurd and inapprehensible for me. Perhaps, it will remain inapprehensible  for me within the future.
The petrol, that enters the oceans thousand of tonns each year is the same way accepted with such implicitness, as the hundreds of species that has being slaughtered each year by excessive fishing and hunting. Not even disturbant seems to be the fact about the destruction of entire rain forests. Even not of the fact, that these rain forests are the most important sources we have to breath the air we need every moment of our lifes.
Just to mention one of a hundred of exsamples, where mankind is preluding itself in its Evolution; It happens already at 1931, when Nicolas Tesla showed with his invention, that motors don't really need petrol, diesel or gas, in order to work proper. But still today, we all are driving cars, managed by petrol, diesel or gas. So, why on earth, can that be happen? To find other planets for live, to make war for kill ourselfes - for all these nonsense things, we waste priceless ressources. I could go on and go on with an uncountable number of Exsamples.

But I won't! But what I really want to do is, to make clear to all people on this planet the importance and the singularity of our ecosystem. That somehow everything in the nature is well thought and well connected, so that one can not exist without the otrher. I want to live in a world, where I can be sure myself, that also the children of our children have clean air for their breaths and  clean water to drink. That, like our Forefathers, they will become the opportunities of enjoying the rich variety of animals and plants.

It seems to me, that my only possible way to do something against all that cracy destruction is to express my unconditional love to the nature into the world. In hope, to reach as many people as possible! Yes of course, I would be very happy, when I could earn a daim through the integrated OnlineStore. Perhaps, there will be enought, that I can even invest in some projects that will help to protect nature!

It really must sound weirld for a healthy mindset, to stand alone for something, what usually should be something important to everyone. Concerning to this matter, I'm reminded on the old indian guy, named Sakokwenonkwas (in the western world he is known as "Thomas Parker"). 1972 he approached to President Nixon with the meanwhile very famous phrase: “Someday the white men are going to find out that once they catch the last fish, once they cut down the last tree, they won’t be able to eat all the money they have in the banks ...” But now, under this circumstances, I have to examine his phrase! Because if mankind does still don't understand, they neither will understand, when the last fish has being catched and the last tree has being cut.