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"The Ardning Alm (or Ardninger Alm) is located near to the Bosruck, austrian state of Styria. On your way to the Bosruck, you have to pass the Ardninger Alm. Because the popularity of that Location, the Locals also call the entire Area the Ardning Alm. "Bosruck", the 1992 meters high mountain inside of the Ardningalm lies at the very west part of the Ennstaler Alps between Upper Austria and Styria. Through a very tiny hiking road, the "Bosruck" is divided between the Alps and the "Haller Mauern". Whereas it is building an own  pineous Mountain alpenstock, which is out of chalk stones. At the westside of the "Bosruck" pine are the peaks of the "Lahnerkogel" and the "Kitzstein". There are 3 ways leading to the "Bosruck", which are partially secured with ropes. The first way is starting from the "Phyrnpass"over the "Fuchsalm"within the Lahnerkogel. From there, you are walking over a pine, reaching over the "Kitzstein"the peak of the "Bosruck". In order to make the hike along the pine, a stable balance as well  and no head for heights is absolutely necessary. The second option goes along the Ardningalm (as you can see in the picture gallery below) over the "Kitzstein" up to the peak. The third an last option to reach the Bosruck would be along the "Arlingsattel" over the "Wildfrauenhöhe" within to the "Bosruck". This alternative Route is a fixed rope route with a difficult grade of A/B." (Source: wikipedia)