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Chapel of Stalingrad

"The Stalingradkapelle (chapel of Stalingrad) was built from the austrian community of Stalingrad in memorial to the many fallen Soldiers. The place remembers at the battle of Stalingrad at the 22th November to 2nd February 1943 and is located above Aigen, District Liezen in Styria/Austria. Because of the demand of Otto Hable, one of the homecoming from Stalingrad (today Wolgograd), this chapel has being built in the year of 1970.
The inauguration of this chapel was celebrated at the year 1973. Only 3 years later, 1976, the "Bell of Stalingad" has being added to the location. The inscript of the bell is saying: "Stalingrad 1943. The incomprehensible, Tears about the youths of Europe, desperation and hope". (Source: wikipedia)