Ice cave

"Ice Cave "a magical world of ice"
"Gralsburg", "Parsivaldom" and "King Arthurs Cathedral": behind all these fairytale names lies fascinating formations of ice and stone. Acompanied by experienced cave guides, you can explore the magical underground world of Dachstein. The spectacular ice sculptures, breathtaking lighting effects and unique art installations will fascinate you. It's not just nature lovers who will be impressed by the ice cave - music fans will too. Every year in the August, the Parsivaldom will change into a unique concert hall. As part of the Musical ice concerts, you have the opportunity to experience crystal clear sounds by international artists in a very special atmosphere." (Summary from the local Operator's broshure)
Insider tip from If you wanna shot pictures, you must be very quick, because the guide is rushing really very fast through his tour. At the beginning of the tour you will be warned to stay close to the group, because of the light for each section, which will be turned off after a few minutes. Even, if we recommend you to be the very last one of the group for having clear shots, you must be always in a hurry for not being left alone in the dark (it almost happens to me twice). At the very beginning, the tour operator also inform you, that using flash light is forbidden. So be prepared! Anyway, the entire tour takes only approx. 30 Minutes walking together with a crowd of people. Nevertheless, enjoy your trip :) !
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