"Fohnsdorf is a municipality in the district of Murtal in Styria, Austria. Its total population is about 7767 people (January 2015). Fohnsdorf belongs to the District of Murtal and is located approx. 5km away from Judenburg. With its  total area of 54,62 km² (21.09 sq mi) it is still declared as a village. Although, it should be one of the largest village of Austria. Anyway, the 1490m hight Mountain at the north side of Fohnsdorf, called "Gaaler Höhe" is an excellent starting point for hiking tours. Maybe also , because already the lower part of this mountain is covered with a beautiful forest! Further, at the top of that mountain is a kind of lodge, where nature lovers can find some rest and maybe some Locals to have a little chat. At the area of Fohnsdorf there are 4 other valleys, which are named as follow: the "Fohnsdorfer Graben", the  "Kumpitzer Graben", the "Dietersdorfer Graben" and the "Rattenberger Graben". The word "Graben"stands hereby for ditch. From all of these 4 ditches are flowing streams into the "Pölsbach" (is the main stream in that area, which flows  into the Mur, nearby "Zeltweg")." (Source: wikipedia)