With its (situated at 2016) 8086 Citizen, Liezen is not a quiet pretty town. Moreover, its one of the most ugly city we've visitet yet. Liezen is located at the stryrian Ennstal and has neither a youth- or a recreation center, nor a city center. There's not even a city park around, where people could meet. Liezen is more a place to drive through or to do a quick shopping. According to the councilor of Liezen, the main purpose of the unfortunate construction of a new shopping mall, was to create new employments, but we doubt that! Its because, the mayor stores just moved from their place into the new building. The small amount of new companies, that moved to the Liezen Shopping Mall (i.e: Mediamarkt and a China Restaurant) just brought their employees with them. Nevertheless, Liezen is a capital county and therefore are many governmental offices, i.e: the collection office, the office for employment, distict court, and much more) have their domicile in this town.