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Because about luck of time, we've had not even one single day to explore the Petzen mountain. This place is located in Carinthia, and it is a part of the Karawanks and the top reaches up to 2.126m high. The mountain rail can takes you to amazing sights in a hight of 1.708m. Anyway, at least we the weather was ok, and there were lucky of not getting too many tourists around, because the Petzen is a very busy touristic area. So, we'd took this opportunity for a long relaxing hike around the place. During the summer, they rent mountain bikes, offer para glides and mountain climbing, Whereas during the winter season they offer skiing and snowboarding. What that mean, is; It's a kind of expensive place! Even the food up there is delicious, we highly suggest you, if you go there with low budget, than take your food and your drinks with you! Finally, we are happy to share our experiences with you! So now, please take a minute, lay back and enjoy our photo tour here on ;)!