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May 2016

At December 2015, from the management of a fine art blacksmith's shop from Furth, nearby Judenburg, austrian state of Styria, we were asked to participate with a photo exhibition on an event, held in may 2016. The location of the event was the blacksmith's shop itself. The preparation time to that activity started already at the same month we were asked! Even the activity took place during the may, it still was only a few degree above zero. The next problem we were confronted with, was about the noisy place! It was so loud, that any communication near to the hammer was almost impossible! Another problem was, that that fine art blacksmith's shop had not any heater installed and all the doors were to be kept open during the entire event. Fortunately almost all of my pictures survived that cold, and all my worries became unfounded.However, at this point we want to express our great gratitudes to Martin, the master of wooden art, for supporting us during the complicated transportation of all these framed pictures. He also was a great asset during the preparation of that event.
Besides that photo exhibition at that two-days activity, there were some other activities around; With motor saws Martin and one of his friend shaped incredible sculpures, such as an eagle, a boar and whatsoever. Further, under the supervision of a professional blacksmith, visitors had the opportunity to try forging something of their own. There were also some sew - crochet handicraft, presented from two local women of the town. Anyway, already on our very first meeting we were asked to take some shots about the blacksmith's location itself, and than exhibiting them together with our regular pictures. So we made the decision clear to frame those pictures only in ordinary frames. Finally, during the event, we placed them everywhere around throughout the entire building. The only hook on that was to watch out for dangerous flying iron sparks. We also found ourselfes very pleased, when we noticed that even a local tv station ("Kanal 3") were intrerested about watching and filming our artwork. Once again, and even we've gotten a very limited budget,  we invested almost our entire money into some new prints, even we took a lot of the pictures, which we used during our previous Vernissage at the September 2015 in Wörschach nearby to Liezen/Styria/Austria. In case, that once you plan to host a similar Event in your establishment, please use our form at the bottom of this page!

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Of course it's understood, that during the time our images and other exhibition equipment has being changed. Nevertheless, if you like the way how we manage our events, within this form you can send us all your questions about how to get such an event inside of your facility. No matter, if we talk about a hotel, a Gallery or a nice attachment to your own event; We will make it possible! As more specific you are with your questions and/or needs, the faster and the more detailled our response will be.

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