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It is no more than just a leftover of an abandoned building is located right at the Street, the E651, that  is reaching from Liezen to Radstadt, between Wörschach and Weissenbach, district Styria/Austria. For any reason, (maybe because of it's last Owner), the locals called that house the "Ringschweiger". There are many myths about ghosts and strange events are around this "haunted" descrepit building. Today, at the present day, the roof of this house has totally burned out, just only days berore it has been sold to a new owner (so the locals are saying). Ringschweiger is one of the most mystical places around the Ennstal.  Not even most of the Locals even know, why and what has burned down the entire building- and that only a few days before the building should have being sold! Indeed, there are many rumors about, but what could finally be the true behind all of this? The story we heard about was, that somehow the last Owner, Ringschweiger (where the name of the Ruin actually comes from) suddenly has left that place and went to an unknown location. Some Locals saying, the house has being haunted by a family member who lived there before the family Ringschweiger even came into play. The Story goes, that suddently a child disappeared overnight from the house, while it was sleeping. Since there was no sign of violation, the local police was never able solve that case. A view time later, the family sold the house and turned their back to Styria forever .... read more about on blogspot >>