Weissenbach Walls

Many times we've planned a photo sight on the "Weissenbacher Wände". Especially, because its on our neighbor hood- just view miles away from home town Wörschach. Not even a mile away from Liezen, here in Styria. The magic of this place is its wild forest and this unsettled nature. Your hike start through a forest, than you'll work along a beautiful meadow, than disappearing into the forest again and final being on one of the local most famous waterfalls. And now it comes; All the way to the waterfall you hike along a beautiful river. Around the summer there are lots of climbers and hikers around. While during the winter its a kind of quiet place. Everyone's waiting for the spring to get to the waterfalls when they're going to spill most! Than that's the melting snow, coming down from the uphill mountains. We did not make it yet to catch these moments by camera during the spring, neither during the fall. But we're working on it! But its planned for the next future.